Friday, December 11, 2009

Download Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 7, Vista and XP [Free]

free-bluetooth-driver-for-windows After upgrading your PC from Windows XP to windows vista or Windows 7, you might sometimes find trouble detecting the bluetooth hardware device installed on your laptop due to missing bluetooth driver. This bluetooth problem could be easily solved by installing the correct version of bluetooth driver either from the manufacturer’s CD or from your personal driver backup. But if you’re without a bluetooth driver CD or forgot to create a backup, then a software called Bluetooth Driver Installer might come handy.

Normally users doesn’t experience any Bluetooth problem after installing Windows 7 because it supports all major kinds of hardware. But incase you find trouble installing Bluetooth driver on Windows 7 or Vista/XP, make sure you try this free bluetooth application first before going to the service centre.

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Bluetooth Driver Installer Software for Windows 7, Vista and XP

Bluetooth driver installer is a freeware utility which tries to install generic Microsoft driver for your Bluetooth adapter. Another feature of this bluetooth software is that, it creates a restore point automatically so that if anything goes wrong you could easily revert the changes made to your system.

bluetooth driver for windows

How to install the bluetooth driver

First of all, uninstall all the existing blueooth driver [only if have done]

Then restart the system and Run the Blueoothdriverinstaller.exe file which you can download from the link given at the end of post.

Follow the installation wizard and successfully install the bluetooth driver.

install blueooth

Download Bluetooth Driver Installer Software Free

[Supports Windows7, Vista and XP] [Download Free]


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